State Fair 2010
Gorgeous Weather for Fair Day in the Classic Car Corral 
Oct 3, 2010 at the Texas State Fair at FairPark, Dallas, TX
Supported by members of the Big D Little Birds, The Metroplex Early Birds, and the North Texas Vintage Thunderbird Club 
(click on any photo to enlarge)
Front lineup of 2 57s, a 56, a 57, and a 56 and a 57 1960 Thunderbird A way to enter the Fair The Classic Car Corrals Our neighbors, the Corvette Club
The line-up across the side  line-up continued  The 1960 Thunderbird's spot  Rear View of the lineup across the front.
Members getting ready to prowl the fair Reflection of 57 on a Black 55. A view across the noses.  Some Fair Art If only the Fair clean-up crew had taken care of yesterday's trash! (they finally did late in the day).
Birds of the World show was 1 stop inside the Fair Grounds Here's an owl from their show The sunset on our way home.




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